What are the requirements of flame retardant board for raw materials?


Flame retardant board is often used in family, entertainment and leisure occasions, which flame retardant characteristics is welcomed by many people, for furniture factory often choose a material, reproduction production, in order to ensure the performance of the product, for the selection of raw materials has a certain standard.

First requirements of raw materials on the strength to be the embodiment of the good, the moisture content, finishing and moisture absorption has a certain standard, general production is usually choose the intensity of light weight, easy processing, good material, after the adjustment of the equipment, flame retardant treatment, equal here for veneer thickness and specification, to receive strength evenly, Good surface quality can achieve a close connection with the base material, the selection of the base material is usually cork, hardwood, after soaking in ammonium polyphosphates and drying to a certain extent, after a series of factory processes, to achieve close bonding.

The size of the hot pressing pressure should be determined according to the tree species, the variety and viscosity of the glue drilling agent, the surface finish of the veneer, and the mechanical strength and volume weight of the product required. For hard veneer with poor surface finish, the pressure should be higher than that of soft veneer with good surface finish.

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