Post-processing of flame retardant board for building materials


In fact, it is mainly inflated in the process of treating it, which is necessary to remove the gum residue, and secondly, it also needs to be cleaned. In addition, such a lens prevents contamination during the process of removing hydrochemicals from the board. In addition, as a dregs removal process, a strong oxidant should be used to remove epoxy resin and dirt from the oxidation hole walls, and the final process, which is to recover the remaining dregs remover on the plate, should be used.

In most cases, building material flame retardant panels can remove discolored parts and then change the structure of their discolored components. In addition, through the coating, etc., can prevent interference from external causes, folding solvents and other chemical treatment, so as to change its part. In addition, when used, it can fundamentally change the invasion of microorganisms, destroy the production environment of microorganisms, and prevent discoloration.

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